June , somewhere west of Nicaragua-a site suitable for spectacular sea battles. The Admiralty has ordered Captain Horatio Hornblower, now in command. Captain Hornblower commands H.M.S. Lydia, a gun frigate on detached service. He is ordered to proceed to the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, deliver. The Happy Return (Beat to Quarters in the US) was the first of the Horatio Hornblower novels published by C. S. Forester. It appeared in The American.

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Book Review: BEAT TO QUARTERS/THE HAPPY RETURN: following_sea

Therefore he does not come across as a larger than life character, but as one whom nearly everyone can identify with. New York, New York, U. Post a new comment.

But by building the main character this way, Forester allows you to recognize, empathize, hornblowsr eventually care deeply about him – rooting for his success rather than merely expecting it. El Supremo demands that it be turned over to him so that he may have a navy.

However, he learns that his contact, one Julian Alvarado, is mentally unstable and styles himself a god among men. Latitude is one thing. Published September 30th by Back Bay Books first published Here at FadedPage and our tl site Distributed Proofreaders Canadawe pride ourselves on producing the best ebooks you can find.

Beat to Quarters

Reading copy or better. When repairs are needed, the efforts are truly heroic.

While Hornblower replenishes his supplies, the gun Spanish ship Natividad is sighted off the coast heading his way. Forester could have created a grand captain, bold and egotistical while never doing anything wrong — like a James Bond of the sea.


Limit the size to characters. Thirdly, the publication date helpfully informs me that “Beat to Quarters” was copyrighted inwhich puts it at the tail end of the interwar period, a time during bewt I believe some of the very best literature ever to be produced was being written and published on both sides of the Atlantic.

The resultant text is laden with pedagogical asides along the lines of, “Now remember, children, that if you really want to knwo about the North American barking swallow, you should put this modest volume aside and pick up SIr Ernest Beedlewomp’s “Birds and Bees Lydia and Natividad transport El Supremo and five hundred soldiers along the coast to La Libertad where a land action quickly captures the town. We are never shown something when we can be told it; we can’t properly appreciate the complexity of commanding a warship because, instead of laying out the complexity for all to see, Forester resorts to telling us repeatedly how very, very, awfully, jolly difficult it is to be a captain, and that you must have a heart of gold and nerves of steel and so forth.

Our hero, tortured by his inner demons!

Which brings me to the second point: Another passenger, the Englishwoman Lady Barbara Wellesleycomes on board as well. He is mentioned as being thirty-seven years old, and if he was indeed born on July 4,this story would have taken place in What makes Biblio different? Village Idiot’s Books Condition: The bulk of beatt story revolves around life on a ship of the line in the early s, the relationships among the upper levels of the crew, the tension of being alone at sea, and the exciting action of naval battle.


Hornblower’s past history as narrated in the book does not entirely accord with his history as revealed in the books of the series written later, hornbloweer Forester never revised the book. Within quagters few days, Lydia raises Natividad and chases her. I may have completely gotten the wrong end ho the stick in this last point, and “Beat to Quarters” may well be a brilliant piece of satire, or a perfectly pitched and formulated period drama. For some reason I came across a copy of this and decided to give it a go.

Perhaps it also is indicative of the time in which it is set. At first I found it lifeless and boring- compared to the other ones I had read.

Beat to Quarters by C.S. Forester

His orders are to deliver weapons to a wealthy landowner who will lead a rebellion against the Spanish in the territory and open trading to the Americas for England. In clean but slightly sunned original slipcase with publisher’s title label unchipped on spine of case.

I read this book for a school assignment. Freed by Spain’s about-face and fleeing a yellow fever epidemic ashore, she requests transportation back to England. Five star seller – Buy with confidence!