The purpose of GURPS Thaumatology is to offer solutions. Often, RPGs are accused of tying up magic in strict rules, losing its truly fantastical, magical essence. Steve Jackson Games is committed to full support of GURPS players. page for GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic can be found at. GURPS Thaumatology contains the best 3rd Edition magic variants and adds many all-new options. The full extent of each of these chapters can be seen in the .

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GURPS Thaumatology

This allows for inventiveness from the player, and the use of Symbol Drawing skill and skill in each symbol used which means a character can easily be better at certain types of effects. Sometimes, these gups merely social constructs.

In many ways, this is a manual on how write an RPG at least the magic part not just how run magical characters. If you are using the spell-magic rules from the Basic Set, then GURPS Magic will be relevant though not neededbut you could easily turf the generic spell system entirely and implement magic in your game world with one of the Thaumatology magic system alternatives. The downsides of Magic are mostly that the text wasn’t sufficiently proofed before publication, so much of it is the same as in the 3e magic books with some of the old bugs still present, and the artwork is a thaumatollogy naff.

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Oct 09, Dustin rated it liked it Shelves: There’s some good discussion of how some traditional magical powers are represented in advantages, and there’s a couple pages of recapitulation of the basics from Powers which is good for not requiring that book for this, but is the type of repetition that 4th Ed has tried to avoid.

Conclusion One of the brilliant moments of GURPS Space was boiling every form of FTL travel down to one of three general types and then showing how to vary them to produce anything ever seen in science fiction. Guidelines for running magic-oriented games, advice on combining magic systems, and detailed outlines for four distinctly different fantastic campaigns.


Brian rated it really liked it Jan 16, Just doing that provides a lot of food for thought, with a vast array of options. KFDirector rated it liked it Dec 26, Academy, fraternity, guild, order, school, society. Mark rated it really liked it Jul 01, The Path of the Book After this Thaumatology finally starts going further afield.

A common problem with generic role-playing systems is that they often have non -generic answers to important questions. Thaumatology is not This is not a gaming source book.

If you don’t play GURPSbut want to tinker around with a different magic system, this isn’t 4d good at cross-system inspiration as some other GURPS supplements, but it does have a lot to say, and there’s very little out there that addresses the the question at all.

Thaumatology is not a book you should be referring to in the middle of the game. This is still effectively a skill-based system, but it concentrates on one skill: Secret Magic — Discover two new magical styles, both devoted in different ways to building and maintaining secrecy.

Anders rated it liked it Mar 18, How to be Flexible The next chapter then gets to the idea of cutting loose from pre-defined spells completely, and gives a couple major versions of that idea. Batjutsu rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Age of Gold — In the world of the s, costumed crimefighters clash with cunning criminals.

GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles

It proposes giving skill modifiers for various astrological or symbolic concerns, possibly being used to overcome a flat overall penalty or they may be needed to be able turps cast at all!

The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc. Still, I consider it a missed opportunity that Thaumatologyfor all of its wide-ranging discussion of a number of different systems and their variations, doesn’t even begin to provide a framework of discussion by taking a real comparative look at its own thaumafology, grouping and giving an overview of them.

However, each tradition contains a limited number of particular spells, which are then cast at a specified penalty to the base skills. There’s discussion of changing around the spell lists including one thorough worked exampleand prerequisites, and even a look at what types of shapeshifting fit with different background cultures.

This mighty tome includes:. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The chapter after that presents bigger variations on the standard system; these are sections that deal with an overall rework of the system, instead of a bunch of little options.


GURPS Thaumatology by Phil Masters

A detailed, fully worked example: Jeff rated it it was amazing Feb 02, At tgaumatology end of the book, Thaumatology returns to the discussion of magic instead of magic systems it began with. Sami rated it really liked it May 29, Those who would rather not use styles will still find both Magic Perks and the advice for magicians on choosing skills and spells valuable in any GURPS fantasy campaign.

Dec 04, Scott wachter rated it liked it Shelves: If you want subtle magic that takes a while as in the old Voodoo and Spirits booksor if you gutps want potentially world-altering magic like the sort of thing you’d meet in a Mage campaign, you won’t need Magic too.

No trivia or quizzes yet. For players, it presents detailed advice and all-new abilities for creating memorable wizards with meaningful differences in training and philosophy.

Like all gurps rule books this is a well written take on the subject. Meant to act like a lot of real-world magic traditions, all ‘spellcasting’ is in the gurp of rituals that generally involve gathering energy, and then expending it for the particular effect. In the end, Thaumatology is an expansive, wide-ranging book with a lot of ideas for the inventive GM.

This one is a look at magic systems and how to best use them in your game. If you want something like traditional dungeon-bash magic, lots of showy stuff achieved relatively quickly, you’ll want Magic ; if you want to tweak it in detail, you’ll also want Thaumatology. Chinese Elemental Powers — A flavorful example of using powers to represent magical arts. In this case, the chapter yurps about the nature of a campaign dealing with magic, and magic’s place in society and the like, instead of general thoughts of how magic works.