George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11, ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to be one of. Abstract: George (Gogu) Constantinescu (October 4, – December 11,. ) was a Romanian scientist and engineer, often considered to. Gogu Constantinescu had innovative ideas in the field of reinforced concrete and of the mathematical machinery. His technical work includes construction after.

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Theory of sonics

Although Constantinescu was recognized among bigger names such as Edison, Graham Bell and Marie Curie by the Graphic magazine inhis name was not mentioned over the years as much as other inventors. Share on Digg Share. This page was last edited on 12 Juneat The loss of power due to friction is calculated with:. There are branches at one-half, three-quarters and one full wavelength distances. If valve b is open, the motor m is able to take the energy from the line, the stationary half-wave between a and b being replaced by a traveling wave; between b and p a stationary wave will persist.

ONE of the fundamental problems of mechanical engineering is that of transmitting energy found in nature, after suitable transformation, to some point at which can be made available for performing useful work. Simple Harmonic The principal function of hydraulic condensers is to counteract inertia effects due to moving masses.

He was an honorary member of the Romanian Academy. In alternating current flowing a pipe the friction appear at the surface of the pipe and also in liquid itself.


Gogu Constantinescu in the Fame Tabel next to Einstein, Edison, Kelvin, Graham Bell – GO2 Romania

Gogu Constantinescu was one of those brilliant minds, whose ideas have long outstripped his physical existence, but which today preserves its topicality, surprising by its accuracy, inventiveness and applicability. He was responsible for creating a new field of mechanics, called “sonicity,” which describes the transmission of energy through vibrations in fluid or solid bodies.

For pipes with greater diameter greater velocity can be achieve constantienscu same value of k. Hydraulic condensers are appliances for making alterations in value of fluid currents, pressures or phases of alternating fluid currents. The Constantinesco synchronization gear or “CC” gear was first used operationally on the D. The energy is transmitted by periodic changes of pressure and volume in the longitudinal direction and may be described as wave transmission of power, or mechanical wave transmission.

In a pipe were the currents are flowing, we will have:. George Constantinescu Mathematical physics Romanian inventions. The pressure at any point in the pipe will go through a series of values from a constantibescu to a minimum.

Retrieved 24 July Thus, the inventor has funded a company and has managed to win an auction which allowed him to build 5 bridges across the country. From to his first invention until the year of his death, in his most prolific time, Constantinescu will average an invention patent per month.

George Constantinescu

We all know at least a few famous inventors, however, some like Gogu Constantinescu have never become famous for unknown reasons. G the coefficient of transverse elasticity of the metal. A Treatise on Transmission of Power by Vibrations. Share on Google Plus Share.


The most important findings are; — the asphalt, modern road constantindscu vehicles — the theory of sonicity; power transmission through liquids, solids and gases, — device for firing synchronized bombers of World War I, — the use of reinforced concrete sleepers straight bridge, — railway motor wagon, — the first automatic transmission cars and locomotives without clutch and Gear — first glider in the world — first sonic radiator — several patents for improvements the diesel engines carburettors — mechanical torque converter actuated by a pendulum,Constantinescu cannon sonic converter.

Share on LinkedIn Share. Eva had two children, Richard and Michael, by a previous marriage. Waves are transmitted by a reciprocating piston along the pipe eeee. Archived from the original on 20 March This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat The pipe is closed at p, a distance of one complete wavelength.

Share on Facebook Share. Constantinescu has studied at the Bridges and Roads School in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most of his discoveries never could be public because cinstantinescu kept top secret by British ministery of defense ,and were about military technology,about plains and strategic weapons.