RUT* WiMAX Outdoor SS to MHz 2TX/2RX 25dBm 14dBi. AC Pwr DX WiMAX 16e Indoor CPE, to MHz, w/ WiFi, 2x VoIP. Basic. Green Packet DX uses non-random default credentials of: root:wimax. A remote network attacker can gain privileged access to a. It is a WiMAX Integrated Access Device (IAD) that features a blend of aesthetics, data and voice wireless WiMAX connectivity anytime within indoor perimeters.

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I can’t access my router’s homepage How do i port forward my router? Private messages PM are not for support questions or for hints to not yet answered topics. I’ve linked all the need resources in the Sources.

Please login or register. Put your email in the added details section and ill get back to you. Let us run a test. Please clarify what numbers exactly I should put in. If you could work out what should i do in the firewall section please notify me.

Wimax Indoor Modem Dx – [PDF Document]

The problem with me is that my router interface is different and I have WAN and LAN ports like on the pic, I have done what is shown on the video but it still says that my port is closed. I wimqx have any device for gaming. On my Windows 7 computer, it does not that output.


May 29, I had used bitcomet for about a year and could forward ports without any problem but since a week ago I can’t forward any ports. I can’t put the data you offered in the firewall section. For example a friend of yours brings their game console over and then when they leave they take their game console home.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Even if not all of them are yours, you must say yes. Thanks Lewis, I just needed to restart after portforwarding!

This will mean that if your computers private IP changes, you will still be able to use the custom address to access it rather than remembering the IP address all the time. It only allow input like this: May 31, It’s been 3 days since I made this topic Quote from: Also it doesn’t let me to leave the sourceport field Blank as you told me to. The port that you are forwarding for.

Pressing esc again, gets me back to the main menu.

My IPv4 is The change should then take effect and it should work. Electrical network question to find Foster realization pleas help? If one is not included, one can download and install one.


No problem – I’ve run a Runescape Private Server before, many years ago. Yes I think my laptop has a dvd burner.

Green Packet DX-350 uses default credentials

Would you please work out what working numbers should I put in the firewall section? Electrical two port network question pls help?

Hello, I am having problems with port forwarding my router WiMax DX Indoor router I am trying to make a Minecraft server port but the router wont port forward and I cant open my server. Answer Questions How to wimas internet from a notebook to a cell phone? Just tell me exactly which section I should make a screenshot?

Here is a screenshot: June 03, Sorry my english is not good. So what ds350 I put in the firewall section of my router to allow that specific port?