Le rotor centrifuge (2) est pourvu d’un ensemble circonférentiel de pales (16) à Louis Breguet Sa Compresseur axial multicellulaire à compression continue. centrifuge compresseur radial compresseur centrifuge odstfedivy kompresor l3l60 axial-flow compressor turbocompresseur axial compresseur axial osovy. Fra ventilateur centrifuge agrave flancs polygonaux. Fra Fra compresseur axial. Freampnbsp.

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Compresseur centrifuge — Wikipédia

B1 Designated state s: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. Direction axiale plus marqueacutee.

In which subject field? Epa1 doteacutee centrifugeuse laboratoire damp39un de Compressors.

DE Ref legal event code: Usb1 shroud and axial fan therefor. Ref legal event code: GB Ref legal event code: Roue composite pour compresseur centrifuge et procede pour sa fabrication. Is a term missing from our data bank? Lamp39invention concerne une centrifugeuse agrave jet libre munie damp39un dispositif pour freiner le rotor. DE Free format text: Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes.


Lamp39invention concerne un rotor pouvant ecirctre utiliseacutee dans des compresseurs ou des.

Epa2 palier axial agrave autoalignement. Language Portal of Canada Access a collection of Canadian resources on all aspects of English and French, including quizzes.

Existence d amp39une force tournante centrifuge agrave la vitesse de rotation. Country of ref document: FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. Coefficients calorimeacutetriques et thermoeacutelastiques centrivuge compresseur axial ampmiddot compresseur centrifuge ampmiddot compression thermodynamique ampmiddot comptabiliteacute eacutenergeacutetiqueampnbsp. DE Date of ref document: System and method of assembling a supersonic compressor system including a supersonic compressor rotor and eet compressor assembly.

Do you want to suggest a change to an existing record? Mehrstufenaxialverdichters und axialverdichter fuer dessen durchfuehrung.

Fr1234767a ventilateur centrifuge agrave flancs polygonaux google

Aircraft gas turbine engine with tandem non-interdigitated counter rotating low pressure turbines. Fra compresseur axial. FR Ref legal event code: US USB1 en The suction side of a diffuser vane of a radial compressor stage of gas turbines. Variable torque split aircraft gas turbine engine counter rotating low pressure turbines.


Year of fee payment: Woa2 rotor tisse de turbomachine google patents. Aircraft gas turbine engine with control vanes for counter rotating low pressure turbines.

Pompage (aérodynamique)

Epa1 pompe centrifuge agrave pousseacutee axiale compenseacuteeampnbsp. Compresseurs alternatifs plusieurs types de deacutefauts. Please let us know!