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Each component runs for 30 minutes. And how special is this tribute.

In the comments section, tag 1 friend and write: Each day, we will be giving away a special gift! AromaTouch Technique December 25 at aromafouch AromaTouch Technique December 18 at 8: AromaTouch Technique Lit 21 at 9: Patient Forms Referral Request. All for free courtesy of BCC. Wow, we had such an amazing time in Australia! Tag 3 friends that you would like to give the AromaTouch Technique to!

In the comments section, tell us which movement in the AromaTouch Technique is your favorite!

It has filled our hearts with joy to see all of aromatkuch positivity being shared through the AromaTouch Technique! Respond in the comments section according to each post. A number of levels are shown to ensure you can challenge yourself and increase your ability.

Why would you encourage others to learn the AromaTouch Technique? On the 6th day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Deep Blue!

AromaTouch Kit

See more of AromaTouch Technique on Facebook. There is no better way to give than the AromaTouch Technique. Please contact Melissa prior to scheduling to determine which protocol will be administered. AromaTouch Technique December 20 at 8: On the 12th day of Christmas, we are giving away a combo pack consisting of: The effects were more powerful than our scientists could have predicted. On the 7th day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange! Get the tissues ready. How to Use Essential Oils?


There are 12 different protocols that utilize specific Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils which focus on a specific system of the body allowing for detailed targeting of the symptoms and underlying causes of many ailments and illnesses.

AromaTouch — RiverValley BH&W

She is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, a passionate essential oil user and educator who loves sharing her experiences with the essential oils to empower and inspire others. On the 8th day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Peppermint!

A great Aromatherapy starter kit! Abs, buts and thighs are core focus arojatouch help you burn off unwanted fat. Hill along with our whole team would like to invite you to learn the AromaTouch Technique! On the 9th day of Christmas, we are giving away 5 AromaTouch Keychains! To schedule a session, please call for days and times available! Feel refreshed by toning up in aomatouch great outdoors. Recent Blogs Fermented Pineapple, Sauerkraut and all the good gut health essential oils Gut Health — Is this your key to better wellbeing?

Like our Facebook Page 2.

Here are our winners for the 12 days of Christmas! We provide integral care from a multidisciplinary perspective tailored to optimize individual personal kif and wellness. Also includes the handy scent free Fractionated Coconut Oil, carrier oil to dilute your essential oil to get you started right away. On the 3rd day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Melaleuca!


What is AromaTouch Technique

On the 2nd day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Lavender! Each Wellness Consult is different and customized depending on your needs, health concerns and interests. Emphasis will be given to strengthening the core muscles and activating the pelvic floor and transverse abdominals particularly important for mums. It is a powerful way to give anyone an essential oil experience, either on-the-go with a quick hand technique, or focused nourishing touch with the full technique.

Becoming certified in AromaTouch offers a powerful toolset to impact countless lives with these incredible oils. Respond in the comments section according to each post All winners will be announced on Christmas Eve!

Studies, like ikt one below, have shown that Ginger arlmatouch the ability to improve gastric health. To enter make sure you: For more about Melissa, please visit her website at: On the 10th day of Christmas, we are giving away an AromaTouch Apron! The AromaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function. Melissa is not a doctor and does not prescribe, diagnose, or treat disease.

We appreciate all of you who have participated in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!