Alesis MidiVerb 3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Alesis MidiVerb 3 Reference Manual. ALESIS MidiVerb 3 (M3) Service Manual P/N: 4-A ATTENTION! . KEYS MIDI 7-Segment Display MidiVerb III Simplified Block Diagram Diagram 1 Thank you for purchasing the Alesis MidiVerb 4 Multi Effects Processor. manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about effects devices should.

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Though they prevented you from using any other make of adaptor, they had a tendency to short and produce a nasty spark if the plug was withdrawn with the supply still connected to the mains. Following the emergence of Yamaha’s hugely popular SPX90, a few years ago, it quickly became clear that the way forward was the area of multi-effects, where a single unit was capable of providing reverb, chorus, ADT, flanging and delay in various combinations – and, of course, under the control of MIDI.

Miiverb shall not use, sell or otherwise transfer spare or replacement parts supplied by Alesis to you i to repair or be used in products manufactured for or by third parties or ii to any third parties for any purpose.

The output of U4 pin 8 has a tap running to R46, a 2N transistor, etc. Of course, it is finished in a rather conservative shade of black as opposed to the electric puce more familiar to our guitarist friends, but I’m sure even they could learn to live with it. Alesis has no obligation to provide to you any correction of, or supplement to, the Manual, or any new or superseding version thereof.

On a more positive note, the manual contains individual block diagrams for each of the 15 configurations, and lists the various effects possibilities available from each.

Unit lights up, manuap there is no LCD Display. This buss multiplexes between low order addresses 1st 8 bitsand data. The manufacturers would, I’m sure, argue that this simply represented the next logical step in midiveeb unit design, but I have a suspicion it had something to do with musicians and studio engineers soon realising that having 30 or 40 different reverb patches to play with sounded great, but trying to discern more than about a dozen of them within the context of the average mix was damn near impossible.


Also featuring gear in this article. The first of the two reverb parameters, Reverb Algorithm, offers you a choice of 20 different reverb types from a list which includes halls, chambers, rooms, plates, reverse and gated effects.

Iii program number This a,esis done to ensure that data and address lines have had time to settle before the SRAM is accessed.

If the address is memory map decoded by U17 to indicate access to the SRAM, it sets up a chain of events. You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. Finally, there are Signal present and Clip LEDs to provide visual indication of input levels and the onset of distortion. The product should only be cleaned as the manufacturer recommends.

Being designed primarily for use in studio racks, the Midiverb III is a 1U-high, 19″ rack unit with all controls situated on the front panel. Most of these early units have been retrofitted with an extra board containing the newer reset circuit.

You shall not make any warranties or guarantees with respect to the products of Alesis or the use thereof on behalf of Alesis or in your own name. The added capabilities of an 80C31 micro controller allow for user manipulation and storage of algorithm parameters, as well as effects such as chorus, and flange, that require real-time manipulation of algorithms. Once again, we’re looking at a facility which has been included primarily as a means of producing more convincing reverb effects, but it does have its place in tailoring the overall sound of the unit, which for those without individual EQ controls on the effects loops on their mixing desks and so on, should prove quite useful.

Please note that we only cover the iij likely causes, not all of them. At this point, a small PC board was created to take the place of manuaal orginal. Replace with only the same type or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.


The product should only be connected to a power supply which is described either in the operating instructions or in markings on the product. The M3 also utilizes a double buffering system to ensure smooth operation, i.

Other Media Files : Alesis MidiVerb III

The can then read the data for use as necessary. Combined, these two parameters provide a surprisingly wide range apesis reverb effects, and unlike some units I’ve used, the range is fairly consistent, so there is less chance of defaulting to one or two tried and trusted settings each time you switch on.

These should be affixed to the main PCB we recomend using hot glue. Remember to install ALL of the latest revisions, before returning the unit.

Memory mapped input works much the same. These values are then mathematically manipulated, and stored at various locations in a memory “loop” for eventual playback.

Full text of “Alesis: alesis midiverb 3 m3 service manual”

Obviously, a full discussion of this device is beyond the scope of this manual, however, a brief introduction to the device is definitely in order.

One is made by Fujitsu, the other by AMI. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note.

Qualified service personnel should service the unit in certain situations including without limitation when: This process continues until a value is found for manuaal 16 bits, and the data is ready for further processing by the ASIC.

Shortly after the release of the product, it was found that this simply wasn’t enough if the unit was turned off, and then turned back on rapidly, the unit would occasionally fail to reset. At this point Q is low. You may contact Alesis at servicemanuals alesis.

Iii shall have the right to refuse to sell or otherwise transfer repair parts or materials to you in its sole discretion. Consequently, data can be “stored” into a latch simply by writing a value into a nonexistent memory location.