reason and logic. R. Moses ben Nachman, or Bonastruc de Portas, as he was .. the number () of the commandments as an uncontested fact, and based their inKII tor 1 V1′ t$l t3 W x 11 m1anI TV$ T1$ ~n1 inV nn’ r s i Nm m,$?l n t’o. Chabad Abu Tor – Derech Chevron 53 Jerusalem, Israel Rabbi Roei Uliel. Find a Bat Mitzvah Club · Advanced Search. Chabad Locator. Positive Commandments · Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Negative Commandments · Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Listing of Mitzvos · Part 1 · Part 2 · Part 3 · Sefer Madda.

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So it is even more bleak if you differentiate things that explicitly go against the ten commandments from things that simply ignore mittzvot.

Just like scientists can look at the same data and come up with different interpretations.

These are the Laws of Moses. I note the so called humerous responses to this but the fact remains that the Bible does provide a blue print for civilisation. A lot of these claim that the United States is either a Christian nation — a ridiculous and easily-disprovable notion— or that it was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

The Zingularity June 12, Note too that the code of Ur-Nammuwhich predates Moses by centuries, expressly forbad murder. The idea that this originated based on Biblical influences is ludicrous. In America, the Majority of People are Christian deal with it.

The British have long regarded American religion as largely a conservative force, yet Schama shows how, throughout American history, it has played a crucial role in the fight for freedom.

Yitro (parashah) – Wikipedia

I bet you can think of others. The rest is down to commentators, mainly Paul. This petty bickering of the atheists saying our country has no Christian roots and the Christians feeling attacked by the atheists has got to end. Os dois mandamentos que Deus entregou diretamente aos judeus foram os dois primeiros dos Dez Mandamentos: Blue laws are state law, not federal. I thought that was the whole reason they are so supportive of Israel, the return of a Jewish state hor the Holy Land was one of deel necessary steps towards the Second Coming.


Now, I can argue that this particular action was objectionable long before the Ten Commandments were etched in stone.

613 Mandamentos

If you refuse to speak up, then all people are going to hear is what others say about you. June 8, at 2: Describing a nation by its religion is rather one-dimensional, and insisting upon treating that single dimension as paramount is short-sighted in the extreme. Laws need to be changeable to reflect the current thought.

Talk about not being able to count. Never knew we had that much power. Fantasy is a useful attribute of the human critter but like all such attributes it can be misused. When you take a look at the history of religion, pretty much nothing good has come of it. Even people in groups, who associate with like-minded people, are individuals.

We, as a majority, might be a Christian people, but those are two very different things. I saw a christian bible scholar once claim that you cannot understand christianity if you do not understand aramaic and ancient greek. In the New Testament only the Gospels represent the teachings of Christ.

The declaration of independence itself says that our rights are given to us by our creator. Anyone celebrate the feast of unleavened bread?


I would put dek much higher on the list even than adultery, too. After all that is what we skeptics accuse others of doing all the time and no disclaimer should excuse shoddy research.

Are the Ten Commandments really the basis for our laws? – Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy

Chimps have thumbs on their mitzovt — 1 And on their feet — 0 They have Hair — 1 Covering their bodies — 0 They average 5. It makes me uncomfortable and defensive to read the opinions of others.

Yahweh is a Canaanite volcano god. We would be much better off to stick to those principles without the intermediary of a book which contains all sorts of seriously unethical commandments that a subset of readers are bound to take seriously.

American Jewish Universitysu judaism. Pardes from Jerusalemsu pardes. This one I regard as universally important even outside the context of religion. Heck the founders where white. By Phil Plait June 8, 7: Os mandamentos ou mitzvot do hebraico: Entrambe riportano Esseri Divini con le ali. Yahweh is a putz. And I think I heard somewhere that they eat babies too! If you are too ignorant to realize that this is not a post about astronomy, on a blog that is not exclusively about astronomy, maybe you are not the audience Discover is interested in.

I believe that biblical tradition is a strain in our laws, in our sense of ethics. Well, we do have Blue Laws in the US, restricting things like business practices notably liquor sales on Sunday. DebunkingPiece of mindPolitics 63, ReligionSkepticism.